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    Writing copy for the web

    Writing copy for the web is completely different to writing for a magazine, newspaper or any form of offline, traditional media. On the internet, users have a far shorter attention span. Clicking off  of a web page and going back to Google is far easier than folding up a magazine and putting it

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    Twitter: How to use it to help your SEO

    There has been much discussion about how best to use social media outlets such as Twitter in order to help your online marketing activities. Although we specialise in helping people with their SEO Wales as well as the rest of the UK, our tips apply to everyone.

    Twitter is a fantastic socia

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    Using video and Flash on your website

    The modern age of the internet has advanced at an enormous rate. Websites no longer consist simply of text and pictures. In the late 1990s, animated gifs started to make an appearance with scrolling banners and animations starting to make their way into web pages as well as background music and a

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    SEO vs PPC

    If you’re looking to market your business online, which is the best route to go down: SEO or PPC? Both have their benefits and their drawbacks, so we’ve put together a guide to both to enable you to make a decision which best benefits your business.

    SEO is a long-term strategy.

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    Using server side includes

    When you come to design a website, it can be laborious to have to enter the menu code on every single page across your website. It can be even harder work if you have many pages on your site and you want to make one small change on all of them. However, if you use server side includes, all of the

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    PageRank: The great debate

    Google’s PageRank algorithm is a system which filters down ‘link juice’ from page to page, and site to site. Essentially, each website has a certain amount of authority and when it links out to other pages or websites, some of that authority is passed on as a ‘vote of conf

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    Control the search engines with robots.txt

    The robots.txt file is one of the simplest ways to control the way in which search engines crawl your website. The first thing a search engine spider will do when it hits your website is load the robots.txt file. This tells the spider which pages it can and cannot access or index. If you have are

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    Meta tags in the modern SEO era

    If you’ve been floating around the search engine optimisation scene for more than five minutes, you’ll have discovered that there are two distinct schools of thought regarding meta tags: those who still live in 1997 and think meta tags will help your search engine rankings and those w

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    Optimise your code for browsers

    When we speak of optimising your website code, you might think we’re talking about search engine optimisation. Although SEO is extremely important, you need to make sure your website’s code is optimised for users, too. If you website is laden with images and clunky code, it will take

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    Flash – Why it’s not a good idea for SEO

    Adobe Flash looks great, right? Many people all over the world use it and we’ve noticed it being used more and more in website design Cardiff and web design Wales, in particular. However, you should be very sparing with Flash when it comes to your SEO considerations.

    Although Flash h

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    Layout usage in web design

    When you come to design your website, the layout and structure is very important. The number of ways in which you can lay out a website is practically infinite, but you’ll probably have noticed that the vast majority of websites seem to conform to rather strict forms and structures. This is

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    Choosing the right domain name for SEO

    One of the first decisions you will have to make when creating a new website is which domain name to use. Your domain name is not something which is easy to change and it effectively acts as the shop door to your online business so you need to ensure you’ve got it right. However, have you c

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    Making the most of Google Analytics

    When you come to design your own website or measure your search engine optimisation success, you will need some sort of software package which can gather the data and turn it into easily understandable information which you can use to measure success. There are many expensive and paid options ava

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    Use of colour in web design

    Choosing your colours is absolutely vital when you come to designing your new website. Not selecting the right colours can give a completely different impact to the one you wanted to achieve. We’ve put together a guide to online colours for website design Cardiff, web design Wales and beyon

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    5 Top SEO Tips

    1. Links

    Links are the foundation stone of SEO – particularly in terms of Google. You need to ensure that quality, high-ranking websites from within your industry or niche are linking through to your website. Each link is a vote of confidence in the eyes of Google so ensuring that these

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    5 Top Web Design Tips

    We are the leading experts in web design Wales as well as SEO UK. We’ve put together some of our top web design tips, whether you’re looking for website design in Cardiff or beyond.

    1. Plan ahead

    You need to know who your competitors are and know what their strong and we

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    5 Common SEO Mistakes

    1. Meta tags

    Many people still stuff keywords into their meta tags thinking that this will help their SEO UK efforts. It won’t! Put simply, all this will do is ensure that Google penalises your website. Only include words and terms which actually appear within the body text on that p

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    5 Common Web Design Mistakes

    1. Bad layout You need to ensure that your layout conforms to the expected standards of web users all over the world. Users expect to see your website name at the top, the logo should be clickable, and your menu should either be situated horizontally across the top or vertically down the left han

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