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    Web Design Pointers from the SEO Experts

    What is better than having a great website? A great website that ranks well in the search engines and brings in targeted, high converting traffic. This is a stance which is often adopted better by SEO experts. It is all well and good having a beautiful website but if the site has poor on page SEO or duplicate content issues as in the case of many ecommerce sites then these are two very large hurdles to overcome. As a new business owner you do not want to feel as though you are crawling through mud with your hands tied behind your back. Having a new business unless you are exceptionally lucky is tough, there is no sugar coating this.

    What we do at Woffer is to combine the best of both worlds, we give you great looking websites from a web design agency point of view along with correct on page optimisation techniques.

    A recent example we saw without mentioning any other companies name is a web design company who were clearly talented, did a redesign of an existing site, all singing and dancing it looked super. Out of interest we decided to see what the old website looked like. Upon closer inspection we were flabbergasted that the old website had not had their existing pages friendly redirected onto the new pages. Worse than this the company had a very attractive backlink profile with a number of authority links to deep, inner pages – something which is very hard to come by. By not friendly redirecting these links the company is seriously risking dropping like a lead balloon down the search engine rankings for many keywords.

    The above is a prime example of what we said earlier, by all means choose a web design company who can produce unique, quality work. But do make sure that they have a sound SEO knowledge as the two should beĀ harmoniousĀ and be seen as not having one without the other.

    A great post by Rand over at SEOmoz goes through designs and trends which are shaping the industry and should not be missed by web design experts or indeed anyone looking for creative ideas for new web design projects.

    Visit Creative Design Ideas to read the whole article.

    If you would like us at Woffer to design you a superb looking website and help you climb the ladder to search engine success then please get in touch, we offer web design to Cardiff and on a national basis as well.


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